Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year

What else can I cave in my blog right after new year? Of cause shots with the tree.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Princess 7 months

New food: cookies

New move: standing 

New stage: that's not me

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feeding schedule - 6 months

Just so I can answer somebody in 10 years on how was my feeding schedule for my 6 months old baby here it is. Baby #3 is just like the book says:
7am - milk
10am - cereal, milk, fruit
2pm - veges, milk
6pm - milk, snack
9pm - cereal, milk, sleep

I got the schedule down, now I just have to make her eat it :)

I read all the books, web sites and got a few moms opinions. Everybody is different. Even all three of mine are different. Please, I just hope this one is a good eater.

Snack is our favorite.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Just two picture of my dd.
It is so worm in November. Fills like early fall.

Just after two shots. Self-service. Done sleeping - pull it out. 

DS2 is doing better in school and at home. Out of the whole day we only have one or two  unhappy faces. His teacher said that if he had three "happy" periods she'll be happy. So she is happy I guess. At home he is more settle too. But it still take so much out of me to argue with him on everything. I cannot stay in the kitchen without him putting his nose in everything and trying it. Even when I say "no", it doesn't stop him. He HAS to try everything. If I will work, play and entertain him all the time he is awake he will be the perfect child. But once I turn my back to him there is something going on. I guess it's given.

But additionally to this my DD1 brings me more work and head ache.  I guess that's given too. He is growing up. He is 10 now. That brings not more problems, but bigger problems. Recently he brought to my attention that he has three things he cares about. Guess what it is? Family? Karate? His siblings? School? Music? Neah. Play station 3, wrestling and Nintendo DS. Cool.

On Scary Mommy blog was a pot about who wants what in their life. I have a list of "I wish" per each kid in my family.
DD - that's easy.
I wish you were eating better.

DS1 - getting very complicated.
I wish he would not argue with us on every issue.
I wish he would stop talking back to us.
I wish he would pay attention to things around him.
I wish he would stop losing things.
I wish he would appreciate what we do every day for him.
I wish he would help me at home.
I wish he would take care of his own staff.

DS2 -that's simple
I wish he would listen to me when I say don't do it you will get hurt.
I wish he would behave in public and at home.

DH is a separate story. Not for this post.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This weekend.
First we took a picture of all three of them. Somehow my dd got a hair cut this day, so this is the last picture of her tiny hair sticking up. Who cut it is a big mystery. Nobody takes the responsibility for it. :(

After that we had my ds 10th birthday at the bowling place.

And of course - the CAKE!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend news.

I know it's already the end of the week. But I just loaded pictures from out busy long weekend that just passed. Saturday was a dance competition and sunday karate. Both of them participated in karate. Here is the result.

And the dancing. We didn't take any places, so the faces are not so happy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First mobility

Children these days are so accelerated. They move too fast. My older son started walking when he was around 10 months, younger son was a late bloomer at 1.2 years. My little girl somehow manages to roll over at 5 month across the room. I cannot even catch it. Here is the proof, she started at her activity mat and now she is half way to the TV.

P.S. long weekend report is coming up. as soon as i get photos to the internet.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My baby is 10 today!!! I cannot believe it. How come 10 years already passed? Congratulation honey!!!

P.s. presents - laptop, ps3. what else a kid wants?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ms.G is 5 months

Home photo session. I wish i can get all three of them on one picture. But It includes having the sun looking into our window. And these four ingredients cannot ever run on my schedule. So for now I got one baby on my memory snapshots. Here is our princess,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sleeping babies

I promised photos of sleeping kids. That's the best part of my day. About 9:30 at night. They all fall asleep and it's quite. I still have gazillion things to do before I'll go to bed, but these few minutes I can just stop and look at them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 things to smile about in October

Got this idea from blog. I think it's very cute idea to write about at least 10 good things that happened in a month. This way maybe I will see what I am missing.

1. I spent one whole day at Six Flags with boys.

2. G switch to the big crib

3. I had a very enjoyable book club meeting about "The Pursuit of Happiness"

4. G started eating fruits. So far we tried apples and bananas

5. I got pictures of all my kids sleeping (got them from my cell phone)

6. G changes so much so fast. Now the only thing she cannot live without is the TV remote. How do you know that this is the only thing we all fight over at 5 months?   (still cannot catch her at that moment, since I'm the one who holds her)

7. We got first snow and ended up not losing electricity even for one minute (in comparison to some people who didn't have lights for more then 2 days)

8. D went to a Halloween dance at school and loved it. He actually won some free coupons to McDonald. We usually don't eat to McDonald but now we have to or what the point of winning free stuff? (no parents allowed, so no pictures)

9. I survived the Halloween walk of 1000 candies (as I call it)

10. We went to 8 birthday kids parties in 4 weekends (too many pictures)

10.1 Forgot to mention - I got a new smart phone. Samsung Sonata. The coolest. I love it. Cannot stop looking at the map and location finder. :)

One this that I am missing in my things to do is cross stitching. Sadly cannot even sit for 10 minutes to do something for my self.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm alive

 Halloween passed. We did it. We survived Halloween at 39F. Just the photos now.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I got to that stage where I am just trying to get out of E's school as fast as I can, so teachers don't see me. :) Thursday report ended up having 3 happy faces and one sad face for the computer class. I think it's not bad. Maybe they are getting used to it?

Having a new baby girl gives so much advantage these days. Before that time when I was just looking at the girl's clothe people were saying - "what are you doing? you don't need girl stuff. don't you with you had a girl?" Why should I think about it if I only have boys? But now my contunce is clean. I can do it as much as I want. And this is the best girl accessory that I've seen in my life:

Aren't they beautiful? I don't think that I will buy them. I think baby shoes are useless things since she is not going to walk outside in the near future and the sizes go only up to 12 months.  Plus how can you pay $70 for something she will wear just for the good look? Maybe I should change my mentality too, since I got a girl. But they are still the cutest.

Halloween is in three days. For the first time we got our costumes ready weeks before. Usually we are looking for them last minute. But with the calm feeling of not worrying about it came feeling of missed holiday time. What I mean is that we did just a small part of holiday preparations. Hanged a few pictures on the window, pumpkin face on the door.  That's it. A lot of staff we didn't do. I wanted to do a pumpkin carving this year, buy a lot of cute baby pumpkins, decorate the house with fall staff. There are 3 days left, and I still didn't do any of these. Should I at least try to do it, or give it up and just wait for the next holiday? Maybe find out more about the day and discuss it with kids? Will  try.

I am getting addicted to reading family blogs. Got a dozen of them. O where the time goes?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lunch, kids, flood and everything else

I like to hear the bad news first. Cause somehow good news after the bad somehow erases that bad after taste. Or it just me. Yesterday I was rushing to get home, and to close that door behind me on the day that turned bad for everybody. I tried to do it too fast. It didn't finish dealing with me. By 11:30 at nigh I got the last present of the day. The flood that happened two moths ago wasn't done. We missed one box of our staff. We thought that those boxes are waterproof and left it at that. No they are not water proof or resistant. Looking for gurgles for E first swimming lesson my husband fond a whole box of wet staff. That "staff" included my wedding dress(nobody knows why I was still keeping it for almost 12 years, but I kept it just because. maybe for good luck, I don't know), our wedding album, small wedding pictures album, and lots of other small staff. So the day ended with me through out my wedding dress, and trying to save our album. Maybe I can save a few pictures from our album. But the dress is gone. Nice, ha?

So anything else from yesterday evening I don't remember.

Now. Today is a new day.

I realized that every blog that I read has some agenda. It's not just your family. It's your family in the light of some activity or a problem. Sick kids, national problems, us problem solving and so on. I guess that makes them interesting. Because read just about some family life is not interesting enough. I tried different topics on my blog. I started from cross stitching, knitting, kids lunches, my kids behavior, my pregnancy at glace. And it all still comes back to just plain things I do during the day. Looks like my life contains these small portion of different problems I deal with every day. One day - one problem. Knitting got on the 10 plan, cross stitching maybe on 8, kids of course on the 1st. So my photo posts are so mixed up. Today I can also add a post with lunch boxes photos for E. I have a problem with how he eats lunches at school. I'm tired of hearing that he ate chicken nuggets for lunch every day. So I found a whole bunch of moms who are getting fresh lunches to their kids. That's a good place to get ideas. I saved a few pictures of lunch boxes and now I am too doing it. Look here is one from last week, and one from today:

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Was thinking about writing this post in the morning. Didn't have time. But by this time mood of the post changed. In the morning I was happy that Tuesday was "good" day.
Now I got a call the E bit a girl.
I sent a message to wrong person.
My manager is leaving.

Please lets go home, before I'll get more good news.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Find three kids. One is hiding from the flash.6:40am

Monday recap. "Good day" for E. He even talked his teacher into emailing me about his good day. Reword system works for now. One good day review results in one item being purchased. Usually a candy or a cookie or something. Last week was closed with 3 good days and 2 bad days. One week of good days will result in a take out to......"Red Lobster".

Evenings are a separate story. They didn't get covered by "good-bad" day system. This means I have to deal with every issue on one by one system. What can I take away as a punishment? Diner, favorite food, candy, TV, games, bath time, "good night". What else is there? "do not argue, do not argue, do not argue". No point.I need to be more outside, to get there energy flowing somewhere else.

Every single day I tell my self I will go to sleep before 12, and I am. At 11:55. I think that makes me strong minded. I do as i say. Ha.

I cut my own hair. That ended badly. I did it too short, and now I look like a cartoon character.  No picture, cannot see picture of my self in the normal form. Don't want to see my self now.

What's on everybody's mind today? D - wrestling at any free minute and a game room; E - draw, cut, glue; G - eat, sleep, poop; N(my hubby) - tiles in the basement and garage door; me - how can I do everything at the same time - things that are on every day schedule, how to loose weight without changing anything.

Monday, October 24, 2011


I love this time of the year. Still worm, but you still have to put on a jacket. Golder fall. Wish i can get all the kids together and go for a walk in the woods. Any woods. Just needs to be very colorful. In those yellow, orange, golden, brown and still some green leaves.
But since we all have our day plans we cannot ever have any time for fun.
So our fall walks have to be in the area around our house.
We went to our park with two bikes and a stroller. Weather was perfect sunny but cool.

"Mom, one more time."

Ms.G now makes her own choice - hand or foot?

Saturday - homework, washing dishes, milk, washing dishes, karate, cellphone games, washing dishes, dancing, walk, milk, washing dishes, movie "Something steel".
Sunday - washing dishes,music homework, milk, washing dishes, bike ride, math, birthday, washing dishes.

If you keep your kids busy they will behave.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Regular friday

Every day just around 4:30 I pick up E from school. And every day on the steps of the school i think "Please let him have a good day today". Today is Friday and our week have been like this - bad Monday, good Tuesday and Wednesday, bad Thursday. How's going to be today? Every single teacher complains about his behavior. Not listening, talking, pushing, not sitting, mimicking teachers, standing on the chair, arguing and so on. Now I am getting a note everyday of how he is doing in school. Academically wise he is  perfect, just on his grade level. But everything else needs a lot of work. How do you work on that? I set up a reword system. No complains from the teacher today - get a small present. Five days in a raw without problems - you pick a pace and we are going out(he picked Red Lobster)
But we are having problems getting through one day. I think I tried everything possible. From good to bad, Nothing works. Not giving things to him, not taking things away from him. There is just no way I can argue with him on every single issue. Why is it so hard?
Of course having a new baby didn't help.
I need to talk to somebody who knows how I can deal with it. Everybody just tells me you need to discipline him or just that I need to handle it. How? Any ideas? I am pretty creative, but this just gets me stock and not going anywhere. I read books about, look for info online, talk to people, talk to him and nothing. The only hope I have is that he will outgrow it.

I signed up D to boy scouts. What boy scouts? Where are they going to go in Staten Island? OK, you wanted it, you got it. I just hope it's not going to add to your extra curriculum activities, since we already have more then we can handle.

I wish I can do more staff with kids, read to or with them, do some crafts, and not just their homework. Like "A" thing, like movie on Friday, but every Friday.  Like one trip somewhere every month. But how do you do the rest of the staff and have time for that? I think if I had them busy with some staff they would have less time to watch TV and to brake something around the house.

I already changed one thing I wished. More like half of the thing. I wanted to give them my own lunches to school School lunches scare me. They love it, but how much of chiken nuggets can you eat? Now I have better staff, at least it freshly made. Today we have corn, cucumber, thin pretzels, rolls with cheese and turkey, raisins, diced peacehs and juice. Will add a picture later, and also will let you know what was eaten. Now I just need to make D to take lunches with him too. Maybe if he saw how pretty they are? :)

Good luck with the weekend. Hope I will have time to spend with kids and have fun.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moving to the big beds leage

 Now it's too small for us.
 But this is exactly what we need.