Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Just two picture of my dd.
It is so worm in November. Fills like early fall.

Just after two shots. Self-service. Done sleeping - pull it out. 

DS2 is doing better in school and at home. Out of the whole day we only have one or two  unhappy faces. His teacher said that if he had three "happy" periods she'll be happy. So she is happy I guess. At home he is more settle too. But it still take so much out of me to argue with him on everything. I cannot stay in the kitchen without him putting his nose in everything and trying it. Even when I say "no", it doesn't stop him. He HAS to try everything. If I will work, play and entertain him all the time he is awake he will be the perfect child. But once I turn my back to him there is something going on. I guess it's given.

But additionally to this my DD1 brings me more work and head ache.  I guess that's given too. He is growing up. He is 10 now. That brings not more problems, but bigger problems. Recently he brought to my attention that he has three things he cares about. Guess what it is? Family? Karate? His siblings? School? Music? Neah. Play station 3, wrestling and Nintendo DS. Cool.

On Scary Mommy blog was a pot about who wants what in their life. I have a list of "I wish" per each kid in my family.
DD - that's easy.
I wish you were eating better.

DS1 - getting very complicated.
I wish he would not argue with us on every issue.
I wish he would stop talking back to us.
I wish he would pay attention to things around him.
I wish he would stop losing things.
I wish he would appreciate what we do every day for him.
I wish he would help me at home.
I wish he would take care of his own staff.

DS2 -that's simple
I wish he would listen to me when I say don't do it you will get hurt.
I wish he would behave in public and at home.

DH is a separate story. Not for this post.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This weekend.
First we took a picture of all three of them. Somehow my dd got a hair cut this day, so this is the last picture of her tiny hair sticking up. Who cut it is a big mystery. Nobody takes the responsibility for it. :(

After that we had my ds 10th birthday at the bowling place.

And of course - the CAKE!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend news.

I know it's already the end of the week. But I just loaded pictures from out busy long weekend that just passed. Saturday was a dance competition and sunday karate. Both of them participated in karate. Here is the result.

And the dancing. We didn't take any places, so the faces are not so happy.

Monday, November 14, 2011

First mobility

Children these days are so accelerated. They move too fast. My older son started walking when he was around 10 months, younger son was a late bloomer at 1.2 years. My little girl somehow manages to roll over at 5 month across the room. I cannot even catch it. Here is the proof, she started at her activity mat and now she is half way to the TV.

P.S. long weekend report is coming up. as soon as i get photos to the internet.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My baby is 10 today!!! I cannot believe it. How come 10 years already passed? Congratulation honey!!!

P.s. presents - laptop, ps3. what else a kid wants?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Ms.G is 5 months

Home photo session. I wish i can get all three of them on one picture. But It includes having the sun looking into our window. And these four ingredients cannot ever run on my schedule. So for now I got one baby on my memory snapshots. Here is our princess,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sleeping babies

I promised photos of sleeping kids. That's the best part of my day. About 9:30 at night. They all fall asleep and it's quite. I still have gazillion things to do before I'll go to bed, but these few minutes I can just stop and look at them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 things to smile about in October

Got this idea from blog. I think it's very cute idea to write about at least 10 good things that happened in a month. This way maybe I will see what I am missing.

1. I spent one whole day at Six Flags with boys.

2. G switch to the big crib

3. I had a very enjoyable book club meeting about "The Pursuit of Happiness"

4. G started eating fruits. So far we tried apples and bananas

5. I got pictures of all my kids sleeping (got them from my cell phone)

6. G changes so much so fast. Now the only thing she cannot live without is the TV remote. How do you know that this is the only thing we all fight over at 5 months?   (still cannot catch her at that moment, since I'm the one who holds her)

7. We got first snow and ended up not losing electricity even for one minute (in comparison to some people who didn't have lights for more then 2 days)

8. D went to a Halloween dance at school and loved it. He actually won some free coupons to McDonald. We usually don't eat to McDonald but now we have to or what the point of winning free stuff? (no parents allowed, so no pictures)

9. I survived the Halloween walk of 1000 candies (as I call it)

10. We went to 8 birthday kids parties in 4 weekends (too many pictures)

10.1 Forgot to mention - I got a new smart phone. Samsung Sonata. The coolest. I love it. Cannot stop looking at the map and location finder. :)

One this that I am missing in my things to do is cross stitching. Sadly cannot even sit for 10 minutes to do something for my self.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm alive

 Halloween passed. We did it. We survived Halloween at 39F. Just the photos now.