Thursday, January 26, 2012

My birthday

It's my birthday again. Every year I thorn between wanting to gather everybody and not doing anything. It's wednesday, school nigh, night with three different extra after school activity. By that time the only present that I want is to get to sleep yearly. Shuuuur.
In bed by 12:30, up at 5am. Baby decided to get up at 5 am as my present. She was asleep by what time do you thin? Yes, 5:58. Two more minutes and my time to get up. Forget it.

I love getting flowers for any occasion, even without any occasion. I would have new bucket every week. Look at them. It's spring in January.  Thank you honey.
I decided to take charge of teaching my kids to give presents. Somehow my hubbies side is not used to it. Not like they don't give any presents. But they don't think about it, not preparing for the occasion. The worst case is passing money gifts as presents. What is that? Unless you know that people need them.
So this time as a part of my present I requested that my husband took older kids to any store to choose any gift they want for me. Anything. But one from each. And they have to choose what they want. They both got almost the same thing. They have to copy each other even here. Older got me kitchen towel, and the younger one kitchen clothe in same color. I'm happy. It's a start. Oh, and birthday cards. Funny once. And dinner just 5 of us. And that's ok that it was pizza, it is still a small holiday just for us.

Check. Good birthday day.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Princess 8

Two better then one


January is always birthday month for me. Almost everybody in my life until I was 15 had a birthday in January. Papa was an exception. And he definitely didn't fit in out family. Even if everything was revolving around him, he still was that center of attention but he was different. His birthday is in August. That makes him a lot different from us, winter people. My grandmother, grandfather, my mother, my uncle and even me.
Once the concept of "my family" started to grow and change I got all sorts of birthday people around me. But January is always my favorite month for birthdays.
This time it's my mom's birthday. And it's not a regular birthday. She is 60 today. Cannot believe that my mother is 60. Every person has his own age for me. Even my age stopped. I am always feel that I am 23. I think it's a good age. Same thing for my mom. I remember her at 36, and that's the age she is always for me. So every birthday I get a surprise. She is not 36 anymore, and I am not 23 ether. It's scary.

Now they best present I can give is a picture with a lot of grand kids and a good cake. (yeah, I know one is missing, but I don't have a good picture with her)

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Arts and crafts

Grate invention - arts and crafts. Somehow they like doing it. It works like a reword or keeps two kids busy while mom trying to get her mind back. It's ok that I have to wash the whole kitchen after that, but I need these 20 minutes. Any other projects I can buy?

Friday, January 6, 2012


Every year we celebrate Hanukkah.  And every year I tell my kids a story, some story about the holiday. But every year it is the same story. They got too tired of it. Every year they hear this story in school and then I tell it again. So this year I found a different story about why women rest on the days of Hanukkah. It's a story about YehuditThe Woman Who Saved the Day. 

They loved it, cause it ends with a lot of blood, as my younger son said.