Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Early spring

It's spring here. Well, kind a spring. Last night it was 30F. 
I didn't do any work in the garden yet. I am just petrified to get to that day. There is just so much to do.  And it's just me. See, I even didn't clean last year dried leafs. But my beautiful Giocint got out anyway. The smell is just indescribable.

Every day is the same thing. Same schedule with small changes but it always comes to the same routine every day now. It will not be this way for ever, I know. But now this is how it is. I have a quick morning gathering of things, then work till 4, and then my day starts. I am a driver, a teacher, a cook, a cleaning lady, a play mate, decision maker till 9. And after that I have as much as I can stay awake, my own time.

G first birthday is coming up soon. We are making all sorts of preparations. Boys had their first birthdays small and quite, with only close friends and relatives there. But this time it's a girl. The only girl I have. The last baby I'll have so it has to count. Got the place, got the entertainment, got her dress. Missing dress for me, decorations, kids gifts, cake, video of her milestones. Have two more months to finish everything. Somehow I am having trouble choosing the character for the party. Princess and Barby are a little to early, Dora is just too ugly. We just don't have any favorite characters yet. So it has to be mine favorite, and I don't have any. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Next step

G is getting higher and higher. What do you do after you see this? She is just 10 months old and she is on the second step by her self. Kids these days are more advanced then kids 5 and 10 years ago. How does it work?

Grad your kid? No. You run for your phone camera.
OK. Maybe you extend your hand just in case she decides to flip back.
But what do you do when you see this?

I don't understand, how does she do it? We had to teach my younger son how to climb. She just did it on her own in second try. BIG GATES IT IS.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend recap

I decided that I need to write more. So much happens everyday but when I get to the "paper" nothing groups into words. Just spaces. So I think if I start with small things it might help.
It's monday and I can get a small recap of things that happened over these two very busy days.
Me. Nothing interesting ever happens with me. House work, cleaning, feeding, cooking, sorting laundry.
D.   He is always at work. MMA, dance, math tutor, piano, home work.
E. This is more interesting. He had an invitation to girl's birthday party at the pool. That's a first one for us. We were very curious. Good that we decided to go. He was 1.5 hrs in the pool. In and out every few minutes. Frizzing outside and there is sauna in the pool. Like a small vacation.


It's not only the first pool party we been to, but it's the first not Russian speaking party we went to. I wouldn't say that it was very pleasant. You say something and they smile, answer shortly and move somewhere else. What is that about us? I speak your language, maybe with a slight accent. I have the same aged kid. We dressed appropriately.  So, what is it about me that turns you off? At lease come to me a make a small talk, I came to your party for 3 hours and the only conversation I had was with my son about good behavior in the pool and what he wants to eat. OK. Forger it.

But a small surprise was that E teacher was there too, with two daughters. I have a feeling she was afraid to talk about the school.  So, I didn't ask a single question about E in school.

More tomorrow.

From post events

D got to the second highest junior belt in MMA, "black and red" or as they call it pumm belt(I think) It was very hard. It took almost 3 hours of work. They were all tired and sweating, but they all said it was worth it. Except that D almost broke his hand braking boards. It's the last event of the graduation and after doing everything else e decided that he can do now anything. But four boards didn't agree with him. Somehow if you didn't brake it the first time, every other try goes down the drain. You lose power, speed and just wait for the painful hit to the hand. That's what happened. At least he didn't brake the hand, but cam out with a huge blue bruise.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend magic

That was free weekend. Didn't do anything. But we had some fun. We called police and kids had so much fun looking at the police car and officers at our door steps. Some track drove into our block and decided to do a u-turn just next to our mail boxes. The result you can see. It's dead. At least some excitement :)

On cousin's birthday.

First birthday N. My niece. She is just too cute. But that's not for my blog. Here I can show how my kids looked. Fun.


I was on vacation. First in past two years. So deserved.

E's favorite dancer. "Yesya"

I went diving. Always wanted to try but was a little afraid of it. But older son wanted to do it, and I couldn't let him do it alone. It was amazing. Will do it again next time.

Ocean part of the resort. "Grand Palladium" Jamaica.

Our beach(one of five) where we were spending most of our time. How I want to go back. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

First Birthdays Year

We got into a year of first birthdays. I have four kids who's first firth birthday happens this year, within weeks of each other. Now imagine finding 4 different dresses for each one of them. You ask why 4 different dresses? Because we are stylish and cannot be seen in the same dress twice. :) Joking. I just like dressing my girl up in dresses.

I start with first birthday of my friend's daughter A.

My nice first birthday. Will post later.